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Sunday, 17 December 2006 11:08
After my quite good results in OK RTTY contest (Single Operator Single
Band 80m) held in 2003 year I look forward to this year contest competition.
Despite influence of minimum sun activity causing very limited propagation of
radio signals here was a hope that the contest run can be interesting enough.

But never mind the actual conditions were pretty poor. On the contest begining at 01:15 UTC I supposed that the antenna is broken because of very low signals from OK2 stations (?!) on 80m band and this phenomena towards OK stations was held during entire contest. Working with OK1 or some OL stations were sometimes impossible. This problem for sure were not accounted only in my area when for example in dark night time on 80m was OK2CLW (very good operator) suddently calling CQ on my run frequency. My signal there was not heard.

Better propagation was comming then from south and eastern directions. With some difficulties but successfull were contacts on 80m/40m/20m bands with 7X0RY (Algeria) and ZC4LI (Cyprus UK Sovereign Base), on 20m band with JA6ZPR (Japan), YA/LY1Y (Afghanistan). Sole highlight of the contest for me was good opening on 40m at the evening (18 UTC) time bringing 4L1FP (Georgia), HZ1IK (Saudi Arabia), EK6TA (Armenia), 4X6UU (Israel) to my log. From other of 181 contacts were interesting GU0SUP (Guernsey) coming on my CQ call and special occassion callsigns - HG1956R as well as DK2006TZ.


Total result : 38608 points

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