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Tuesday, 02 December 2008 17:09

During the final phase of development and next longer time of solution support it is necessary to use some kind of automation for final product packaging. The advantages are obvious - stability and higher quality for packaging of each new program version. I am using for this purposes already long time (coming from Java world) the famous ANT tool. Functionality (with some add-ons) is very good only daily usage is sometimes cumbersome. The command line run is not very handy.

For PHP programming I was trying some years ago also PHING, but unfortunately this tool had those times problems with proper processing of multilevel directory hierarchy. I came back to ANT with decision to help myself with own tool. Because of Windows development environment the solution was developed in Visual Studio and you can find AntRUN tool in download area.


AntRUN main form is shown on picture above. You can open specific build file for run (button 'Open build file') and look into or edit XML build file with external XML editor (button 'Show build file'). For running you can select the appropriate ANT target and when properties files are available in base directory you can also select one for ANT run.

Pressing button 'RUN build file' we start the ANT processing. The build result is immediately shown in log output window (and logged also to log file). When you close AntRUN with button 'CLOSE with history save' you saved the build conditions for next usage of the tool (5 steps of history are saved).

In the download area you can find also one example of real build file and log file after ANT processing. The initial and history conditions are stored in antrun.ini file which is created in ..\Windows\ directory. For proper ANT run here is necessary to set ANT_HOME directory (where on your computer ANT is located).




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