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29 | 07 | 2014
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JotLoader JOOMLA Component, ver.2.0 - New solution with autopublish feature PrintE-mail
Sunday, 14 December 2008 13:10

Next major version of Download component (english/german/french) , allowing administrator operations with groups of files for easier maintenance as well as with possibility to allocate an external directory as root directory for file download.

Short description of new funcionality :


  • advanced settings for download path (you can choose any readable directory on the server as the download root)
  • autopublish function (allows immediatelly publishing of uploaded files with default category and assigned menu item)
  • for manual added files are automatically assigned informations about size of file and date of publishing


  • internally coded download links
  • possibility to move the download root outside Joomla outside standart access of Joomla content presentation
  • security audit for component code was performed and neccessary changes made to strengthen security of client requests

Download files management
changes for easier administration

  • autopublish, move and new delete functions for group of files
  • download files sorting and reordering by file title, number of downloads, category, file release date and file name

Other changes

  • programmed strictly to follow the MVC paradigm
  • reworked file autodetect routine
  • templated file description in file and menu settings
  • impoved search routine for administrator list pages

Autopublish settings

Autopublish feature of JotLoader component, ver.2.0, is allocated to the advanced settings. Here it is possible to set up the full upload path (root directory of all files for download) as well as default category and files scan time for autopublish purposes.

All new uploaded or automatically recognized files in root directory are assigned to the default category. When the default category is linked with the specific menu then all new files in autopublish mode are automatically displayed in frontend not later as the delay setting in the File Scan Time.


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