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02 | 08 | 2014
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Installation / Upgrade / Uninstall

Installation of the JotLoader Latest Module is easy in standart way how Joomla 1.5 modules are installed. In Administration -> Extensions -> Install/Uninstall select via Browse mod_jotloader_latest file on file system of your PC and then click on Upload File & Install button. After sucessfull install go to module configuration and here set on preferred output layout.

When you like unistall the modul then you select Modules tab in Administration -> Extensions -> Install/Uninstall and check mod_jotloader_latest module. Now click on Uninstall button.

By module upgrading unistall old version and then install new one (Note : old module settings are lost and you start with default values of new module version).

Administration - Configuration

Module parameters are accessable by module title clicking on Administration -> Extensions -> Module Manager form.

JotLoader Latest Download module has easy to understand configuration settings. Short explanation for each parameter you can see with bound tooltip (locate mouse cursor some time over parameter title). Most of parameters are self-explaining. Here are listed the parameters which needs more explanation :

Ordering parameter controls module main output on the frontend page. Here is possibility to select either displaying latest downloads in one compact list sorted by date/time descending or presenting the same latest downloads grouped by their categories. Downloads ordering in each category is also in date/time descending order.

Module Class Suffix
JotLoader Latest Download module is using specific CSS classes for each part of frontend output :
  • jotlatestgroup
    • jotlatestheader
    • jotlatestitems
      • jotlatestitem
        • jotlatestdate
        • jotlatestfile
You can use these classes in frontend template to reach module-specific look. When you like to distinguish more different copies of the module in the application then you can use Module Class Suffix different for each copy (e.g. using "_om" for one copy you have available CSS classes jotlatestgroup_om, jotlatestheader_om,... etc.).
Display Tooltip
You can supress tooltip display with selecting "No value". When you like to have tooltip information the you have two possibilities. Either displaying only file description or displaying file description with additional text in the front of tooltip. Additional text is download file name when Display Link is set to File Title or download file title when Display Link is set to File Name.

Date/Time Format
When parameter Display Date/Time is set on then you can control date/time output with Date/Time Format parameter. This parameter is set to string according PHP date standart using different letters for formatting. Most usual letters are used following :

d - Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros
m - Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros
Y - A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits
H - 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros
i - Minutes with leading zeros

All non-letter character are copied from format string to the output.

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Some years ago I found Joomla Content Management System (CMS) - fascinating open-source world-wide project as very good and solid basis for creating and maintaining of radio amateur web sites. I am very glad that number of friends, clubs and organisations utilize the power of Joomla CMS. Last time I recognized new fresh impressive pages of OM9OT Old-Timers Club SARA Web Site or OK2IEN Web Pages. For more interesting examples see my list of Selected Joomla Ham Web Sites .

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