SearchLogOM1VA Radio Amateur Pages, 30 Jul 2014 08:33:18 +0000Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Managementen-gbSearchLog ver.3.1.1 Maintenance Release component for Joomla 1.5 is very sucessfull solution for maintaining and presenting radio amateur logs on web sites. Number of SearchLog implementations is growing and here you can look on some examples. Now new maintenance release is available with :
* reworked filtering code on Log Management and Extended Log Administration pages (getting also in account visitor's callsigns e.g. EA6/OM1VA etc.)
* code clean-up for administration pages

Download for SearchLog version 3.1.1 you can find here.

]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentSat, 10 Jul 2010 05:42:42 +0000
SearchLog ver.3.1.0 available generation (3.x) of SearchLog component for Joomla is working very stable on different ham radio sites with success. Last development was oriented mainly to improvement of administrator tasks during log uploads and management. Now here is available 3.1 version of the component with following new features :

  • creation of new activity directly on Log Management page before log file upload
  • new function DB Clean to Log Management added for log database administration

Maintenance changes :

  • audio files location procedure improved
  • more validation code (searchlog.js) added to Log Management
]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentThu, 15 Apr 2010 06:38:29 +0000
SearchLog maintenance upgrade (3.0.3) on note of Jari(OH8LQ - which is preparing new Joomla ham web site here is upgraded version of SearchLog - 3.0.3. It is maintenance version with small changes related to audio files presentation on the site :

  • audio files containing / (slash) in callsign e.g. 5B/G3RXQ with audio file as 5B~G3RXQ 10-24-09 - 16 10 59.wav are now correct processed and displayed
  • description in Help file for audio files settings is extended

Only when you are using audio files presentation with SearchLog component the upgrade is needed. New component version you can find on SearchLog download page.

]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentSun, 20 Dec 2009 09:01:18 +0000
SearchLog operation on selected web sites  SearchLog component (new version 3.0) you can see not only on my own server but also on following selected radio amateur websites :

AMRS Members Logs Search (large multi-log operation of Austrian Military Radio Society with more as 230 logs)

SM0IMJ Station Logs

FB Sig Contest Team Logs

K5GO Contest Logs

Logs of the Oceania DX Group (VK, YJ)

Log Search for OH8A, OH8L, OF8L, OG8L and OH8LQ stations (including many audio files)

A.R.I. Sezione "Basso Lazio" (IQØFM DX Team) Contest Logs

Mediterraneo Dx Club (Cosenza, Italy)

Log Search PA7JWC

WD5WR Station Log

]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentMon, 12 Oct 2009 17:46:13 +0000
New generation SearchLog available months of designing, coding and testing the desired target was met. New generation of SearchLog Joomla component, used for presentation of Amateur Radio logs on the web sites, is now available on Download page. Starting from first encouragement by Kevin N5DX, continued with very cordial supportive activities of Hans SMØIMJ, pre-release testing by Ton PA1CC and John IW6ATQ it was possible to prepare web log with some sophisticated features. Thanks all for their commitment.

In SearchLog, ver.2.x it was possible to include following data items : contact callsign, band, transmission mode and status of confirming of QSO via QSL card (none as blank, sent, received, confirmed on both sides). In this version of SearchLog was used compressing method for store and display of QSO contacts. Duplicate contacts between same station call and callsign were "compressed" to only one record in database.

New SearchLog ver.3.x allows to use described operation type (here named as Basic) but also storing the QSO data one-to-one into database with possibility to assign data to specific activities (contests, expeditions, special occassions, etc.) - Extended type of operation. Using both types of operation supports easy migration from SearchLog ver.2.x as well as it allows in Basic type saving the database size and processing time when this type of QSO presentation is evaluated as sufficient (mostly for award hunters). In SearchLog ver.3.x is fully reengineered against older versions in administration part as well as frontend where new features covers partial search, result pagination, column sorting and inclusion of QSO audio files.

Operation of the new SearchLog you can see on my Page (in Basic mode) and frontend in Extended mode is shown here :

]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentThu, 24 Sep 2009 08:12:06 +0000
Search Log JOOMLA Component, ver.2.1 Joomla CMS framework is comming soon to the final stage (now Joomla 1.5RC3 available for download on the main web site) and developing components for native (1.5 version) framework is more and more demanding. Although the SearchLog component (ver. 2.0.4) can work without problems in "legacy" mode of Joomla 1.5, now here is available new version of SearchLog component in two native formats - for Joomla 1.0 (zip file name is ending with _j10) and for Joomla 1.5 (zip file name is ending with _j15).

Both formats have some corrections in the code (against ver.2.0.4) improving processing of different variations of ADI 2.0 files.

Warning : Joomla 1.5 RC4 and later (incl. Joomla 1.5 FINAL) has other internal access to the core JTableComponent as previous releases therefore please select the proper version of SearchLog for the download and installation.

Download of new SearchLog versions is available here.

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Search Log updated (2.0.4)]]> (Administrator)SearchLog JOOMLA ComponentTue, 07 Aug 2007 08:38:14 +0000